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ZTE NFV Solution

What is NFV? Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) uses general hardware such as x86 and virtualisation technology to lower the cost of network equipment. By decoupling software and hardware and separating NFV functions, network functions can be delivered without relying on dedicated hardware, meaning that resources can be flexibly shared. Why use NFV? Telecoms networks generally […]

ZTE Cloud Works: How Telecoms Companies Can Run Microservices on a PaaS

The challenges of traditional telecoms software The traditional architecture of a mobile communications network with its dedicated hardware and software suffers from an over-complicated design making it hard to upgrade and optimize. In the past, telecoms networks were tightly-coupled, focused on standardization and stability. The whole system was designed as a closed system meaning it […]

Innovation Road for Big Video

In recent years, alongside the rapid development of optical bandwidth, the development of 4G networks and the popularity of smart terminals, video production, storage, transmission, and play have changed significantly. Consuming video has become an integral part of daily life for most people. Professional media providers and user-generated content combine to create a rich and […]

5G Network Architecture: Being Built Like Lego Blocks

China is now in the 3G and 4G era and, at the current rate of progress, will be in the 5G era by 2020. 5G means everything in the digital world will be more interconnected including man-to-man, man-to-machine, and machine-to-machine communications. 5G era communications will feature dramatically improved network performance, such as 10 Gbps throughput, […]