With strong performance and reliable security features, the T60 is an Android 4.4 smartphone built to withstand the most challenging environments.


Tough where it counts, the T60 is waterproof, dustproof and capable of sustaining a 1.5m drop. This smartphone is field-ready, even in harsh temperatures as low as -20 ℃ and as high as 60℃.


Take your touchscreen experiences to another level and enjoy a clear view of your work with the T60’s expansive, 6-inch screen, featuring IPS and Gorilla Glass. Featuring in-built sensors, optimised GPS and 3G RF, the T60 is suitable for outdoor applications including altitude, temperature and lighting measurement.


Expand your possibilities with an optional OTG cable to connect a mouse, keyboard or USB flash drive to your smartphone. Benefit from customized docking or peripheral support to support a host of additional applications, from POS payments, to printing or UHF radio-frequency identification (RFID). While all personal and business data is fully secured with fingerprint identification.