Specialist Services

Specialist Management

Recruiting specialist expertise in areas such as knowledge management, risk and compliance, and facilities management.

As business services functions have evolved rapidly in professional services firms, there are many roles that do not fit neatly into any one function. These specialist services may tap into various different divisions across the firm and/or represent something of a standalone function, undertaken by an expert in that field. For some firms, these may be bespoke roles that reflect the unique requirements and culture of that firm.

At Totum, our deep understanding of the sector and long years of recruitment experience across all business functions ideally places us to work with firms to help manage these specialist roles. From helping to scope our job descriptions, to sourcing the right specialist talent to meet sometimes complex requirements, Totum stands ready and able to help.


Specialist roles may cover many fields of expertise, and we would always welcome discussion with firms on any requirements. But most commonly we would see such roles in the following areas:

Knowledge management – when professional services firms seek out a knowledge management executive, it is for someone who can become fully embedded in the business, who will deliver an insider’s perspective to not only support the ever-growing and changing information requirements of their professional community, but will also know how to build and use a firm’s knowledge to deliver superior value to clients.

From educating the firm in industry changes and critical regulation to using knowledge to better harness a firm’s capabilities and deliver new services and greater value to clients, knowledge managers have the capabilities to help take their firms to the next competitive level.

Risk and compliance – Expertise in risk and compliance is highly valued across professional services firms. In high demand are risk leaders who can ensure compliance with the latest often complex regulatory landscape, who can work closely with the management board (often sitting on the executive committee), and who can align strategy and processes across global offices.

Risk leaders are decision makers who are key to driving the right risk management culture across firms – not only safeguarding the business from risk but also enabling it to seize business opportunities. 

Facilities management – Leaders in today’s facilities management (FM) roles play highly strategic roles in their organisations. With many pressures changing the nature of the workplace – including costs, environmental considerations, and demands for flexibility – the ability to manage an organisation’s business offices to enable organisations to operate at their most efficient and effective level is a highly valued skillset.

The remit of FM has broadened, as has the range of services it can offer. Firms that recruit wisely in this space, and link FM to meeting strategic objectives, can achieve tangible benefits in terms of operational capabilities and financial performance.

Whatever specialist expertise your firm requires, Totum has the expertise, business agility and dedicated resource to find the right talent to meet your needs.


  • Chief Knowledge Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Facilities
  • Head of Secretarial Services

Clients enjoy working with us

Those working in specialist roles in the professional services sector often enjoy considerable responsibility, autonomy and an ability to make a real difference.

As an expert in your field, you will have considerable responsibility to engage and influence stakeholders across the firm, make decisions that will add value, and manage sometimes significant levels of change.

These roles typically go beyond any technical expertise – which will be a given. They are highly strategic positions that require a deep understanding of business objectives and an ability to align them to firm-wide improved processes. As a specialist you may be working at the heart of your firm: you may be the sole representative of your function but close collaboration with people across the business will be key to success. These are roles in which you can become a trusted advisor in your area of expertise.

Totum has huge experience in helping specialist talent find the right role in the professional services sector.

If you are looking for your next step in professional services, or are interested in bringing your expertise into the sector, Totum has the ability to help steer your career in the right direction.

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