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We’ve made some changes

We are Totum. And we’re looking a little…. Different.Why? Because the professional services industry is looking a little different too. Everyone can see where it’s

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Top tips for video interviewing

What makes for a successful video interview? We share our insights and experiences. As recruitment specialists and interviewers we know these can be difficult, so

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BD & Marketing in a time of COVID-19

How is your team dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? We share highlights and ideas from our Zoom gathering of Directors and Heads of BD &

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Webinar: Furloughed or Fearful?

Join our ‘Careers Clinic’ webinar for discussion and advice on managing your career in these uncertain times. Managing uncertainty Your career is important to you

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Future-proof your career

In a piece first published in PM Forum magazine, Consultant and Author Kim Tasso talks to Totum Consultants Rebecca Ellis and Julius Reeve about how